Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Damn you, Roger!

So the news is: Tom Brady will be suspended 4 games by the NFL.

I'm just wondering how long before Roger Goodell officially loses his $40 Mil job.

I think we can all agree Brady was suspended 4 games solely because of Goodell's mishandling of every other high-profile situation, and his own credibility issue. Because in truth, "tampering" with footballs was hardly ever an issue, so much so teams have been filmed attempting to affect the balls in various ways, but nothing ever happened.

Yet the real question in all of this is why this took 6 months?

Answer: By the time Brady appeals the ruling the season will have begun, and the suspension will have come into effect. So yes, the greatest player of our generation will miss 4 games because Roger Goodell is inept. Because Brady challenged him, and did not get down on his knees for him, Goodell will injure both his career and legacy. He's that type of guy.

Do I think the Patriots "cheated" by letter of the law? Sure. Why not. Do I think they, or anyone else believed what they were doing rise to some high crime? No chance. This all happened because a) The Colts are a weak organization from the top down and b) Roger Goodell is a joke.

This could have been decided months ago.

Carry on.

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