Thursday, April 28, 2016

Maybe I'm Wrong - Draft

Because I'm a loser I spend about 30 minutes each night before I fall asleep watching youtube vids of various NFL prospects.  If I was single I'd probably be doing something else, but as a married man with a child, this is what I do now.

Sooo...having watched a good number of videos, here are some non-first round players I think will pan out.


Philip Ely - Don't even know if he'll be drafted, but was impressed every time I saw him.  He's small.


CJ Prosise - Looks like he can do it all.  Not a star, but a player.
Daniel Lasco - Not sure why people knock him.  Reminds me of Arian Foster.
Josh Ferguson - Small, but this is someone who will produce in the NFL, at least on 3rd down.
DeAndre Washington - Smaller yet, but again, he will produce.  Reminds me of Ray Rice.


Michael Thomas - Cannot understand how he's in 2nd round.  Amazing hands and body control
Pharoh Cooper - Very good player who dealt with poor QB play.
Marquez North - Always looked like a beast to me, but Tennessee WRs have been bad in NFL.
Jordan Payton - Always uses his hands; seems to run great routes.
Demarcus Robinson - Off the field problems, but he looked dominant when playing in SEC.
Da'Runya Wilson - Seriously, have to root for someone with that name.  Da'Runya off the Field.


Jerrell Adams - Looks like best TE in class to me.
Nick Vannett - Can do everything, and is a great blocker.


Carl Nassib - Endless motor, and just manages to make plays.  Poor man's Bosa.
Bronson Kaufusi - Seems like he can play any position.


Chris Jones - Should be in Top 20
Kenny Clark - Should be in first round.  Dude is immovable.


Alex McCallister - Super skinny, but feel like he'll be doing things.
Jordan Jenkins - Watched almost every Georgia game, and he was always involved.
Dadi Nicholas - Not sure where he plays, but he looked more good than bad.
Antonio Morrison - Got hurt a lot, but if he can stay healthy he just seems like a player/leader.


Josh Forrest - Reminds me of Vont Burfict.

Never got around to Safeties, CBs or OLs.  Sorry :-)

See how this turns out!

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