Saturday, October 8, 2016

Trump's "Locker Room" Talks...

Yesterday at work a few people in the newsroom (all guys) made comments like, "Trump didn't know he was being recorded" and "we've all said things we regret." Someone even asked a black guy who sits next to me, "Haven't you even said things you regret?" as if to make sure even he understood that "everyone does these things, right?".

Well, lets step back from it and assess what Trump did and why he did it.

There's no question I have said things in my life which out of context would be deemed sexist, racist, homophobic, demeaning, or just insulting to any number of people or groups. I can admit that without hesitation. However, when I have said these things I have done so to an audience. Presumably one that understands me; knows me; that I trust. In every instance I have ever uttered something offensive to some person or group, I did not have to worry about who heard me because those within earshot know who I am as a human being. They know the essence of me; the core; what makes me tick. No different from when a comedian says things off-color; when most of us say things which might seem over the line, there's an audience in mind. Whether it's of one, or a group. Most of us know how what we say will be received, and by whom.

This is where Trump fails miserably.

You have to ask yourself why would he say these things to Billy Bush, who is not only a member of the media but whose uncle was the sitting President of the United States? Someone who Trump hardly knew.

The answer is clear: Trump always needs people to think he's more than he is. Only he truly knows the depths of his vacancies (although, it's becoming more clear), so he spends an inordinate ammount of time trying to convince others he is something he is not. Saying these things to someone who is a stranger? To what end? Right, because you want them to think of you differently than they probably do. Differently from what they have probably heard. Trump's worry is in perpetuity, always assuming others have heard the truth about who he is, from those who know him.

Insecurity has a certain scent.

Then consider the fact he not only said these things to Bush, but that he was wearing a microphone, or was at least within ear shot of microphones. No, he wasn't in a locker room. Had he been there we would never know this story. He was on a bus owned by a media company with the words "ACCESS HOLLYWOOD" emblazoned across the side!

In other words, in addition to everything else, he's a fucking moron. And not like, "Oh, he's a moron..." No! AN ACTUAL FUCKING DUMB MORON.

In a locker room? Yeah, that goes on all day. We get that. On a golf course with Bill Clinton? Sure, but no one heard that because Clinton isn't a fucking moron. There's no audio/video of Clinton having affairs with women, or him speaking about them because he a) isn't dumb and b) doesn't need to sell people on who he is. We know. Like him or not, people are attracted to Clinton. Few are attracted to Trump.

This isn't like Romney's "47 percent quote." Romney had a right to assume he was speaking privately, wrongly, or not. That's understandable.


And the stories never end with Trump. Whether his own wife accused him of rape, or this other story of assault, the comments about Miss America, or this latest gaffe. It never ends. And we're not even parsing every interview from the Howard Stern or Larry King programs.

The guy is a sexual predator, period. The end.

He may also build things, but he's a sexual predator as well.

Say what you want about Clinton because he seems to be today's standard for those trying to defend, but Monica had a CONSENSUAL encounter with him.

Trump bullies women like he does everyone else in his life, be it a female, a contractor, or a reporter. It's always the same. Show me the person who truly knows Trump and isn't collecting a check from him, who actually likes him.

When men make "locker room" comments in front of others, they do so in jest. They don't want you to think they actually believe in what they're saying, or would act out on their comments. It's all fun, whether it's tasteless, or not. Yes, many people do THAT.

Yet most men who would actually act out on their lewd comments, they don't verbalize them to others, let alone strangers. That's how clueless and psychotic this guy is. He not only acts this way, but he is telling you details of his escapades. So not only is it not in jest, it's both real and something he would brag about!

How deranged is that?

That's not locker room talk.

That's prison talk.


Is it not strange to Trump voters that the people who dislike him most are the ones living in the places he claims to be successful? Better known as: the people who know him.

As for Billy Bush, that was his locker room. He had every reason to believe that his comments would be safe. And at the same time, his JOB is to get to the heart of the guest. If acting out, in what he deemed a private environment, enabled him to make Trump feel comfortable, I understand that.

Not saying it's right, but I GET THAT.

I do not think he should be fired.

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