Thursday, May 29, 2014

First Blow

Lets just get this one out of the way.

Last week on my show I made comments about a local radio blogger who claimed the radio station I work for would be flipping formats, and how he was duped into confirming such a story.

For those that care about inside radio material, here it is.

This guy (Rich) claimed it was flipping from News to Talk based on inside sources, and while that would make me very happy as a talk host, it's currently not in the plans, as far as I know. I'm really not privy to much of the inner workings, but I usually have a decent read on things. And if it is in the plans? Great! It in no way makes my life worse (nor does it make his life any better).

It strikes me as strange that people would care so much over something that affects them so little. But hey, we've all got our drummer, I guess. Bob Dylan sure did, and he penned, "When you ain't got nothin', you got nothin' to lose..."

The part about being "duped" has to do with an employee at my radio station pretending to be someone else, and confirming this story to the blogger, in order to make him look foolish. It was more of an inside joke among the 4-5 people whom actually give a shit (so I'm told - I was in Europe), but not a big deal to anyone involved. Of course, the writer took the bait; then used it as confirmation of his original story, which may in fact turn out to be true (I hope)! However, the reality is the confirmation of his story was a ruse, and that was my point. A ruse he fell for, gut over toes.

Finally, I'll say this about the blogger, the blog, and the guy.

He's not an awful guy, or anything like that, but he's lost. And quite frankly, dishonest and disingenuous. His desire to be a radio personality, or a person of significance in the world, blinds him as to what is right and wrong. He often crosses lines without regard for the people it may hurt. And since it's a blog there's absolutely no editing, proof, or anything suggesting it is based on fact. It's an opinion piece, never fact checked, with complete disregard for reality. People in the local media business (maybe a couple hundred) read the blog, so it does affect peoples' opinions. You'd hope someone who had that type of influence would take the position a bit more seriously, and strive to be an honest broker. He does not. As to the proof of this, we can get into this another time.

In the end, his only aim is to promote himself, at any cost. It's a poor course to traverse that won't likely bare fruit. If he understood how to be a professional, maybe he could accomplish something, but at this point the ditch is too deep to escape.

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