Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Judge Rules Tenure Unconstitutional in California Schools

I haven't read too much about this yet, but based on this, I have a feeling I would probably side with the judge:
In the ruling, Judge Treu agreed with the plaintiffs’ argument that California’s current laws make it impossible to get rid of the system’s numerous low-performing and incompetent teachers; that seniority rules requiring the newest teachers to be laid off first were harmful; and that granting tenure to teachers after only two years on the job was farcical, offering far too little time for a fair assessment of their skills.

I believe in teachers unions. I believe in better pay for teachers. I believe in public educations.

I don't believe in maintaining poor teachers at the expense of students. There needs to be a system that protects both sides, but the kids probably need to come first in that equation.

It should be noted, Judge Treu is not some right-wing hack, which I so often see in Federal cases. He has decided a few high profile cases over the years, and I've agreed with him on the ones I've looked into.

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