Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kidnapping Soldiers

I have to say, one of the dumbest arguments I've heard the past two weeks by people like John Boehner and Mike Rogers. It goes something like this, "We negotiated with terrorists. Now they know we'll negotiate. Now our troops are more in danger of being kidnapped because they know there's value in that."

Seriously? Do you think: 1) Terrorists don't recognize the value in kidnapping our soldiers/Americans? 2) That the only thing preventing them from doing so is their own desire?

If they could kidnap our soldiers, they would kidnap our soldiers. They just can't. So they don't.

But for a moment, if you believe this nonsense, consider this: If in fact negotiating for Bowe Bergdahl's release did increase a terrorist's desire to kidnap our soldiers, isn't it quite possible then this would stop a terrorist from killing them?

Yeah, that.

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