Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Filling in for Ed Baxter today on Talk 910, from 10AM - 1PM

Yes, California, Global Warming is causing the draught

Vaccines, idiot parents buying their way out of it.

Can Tsarnaev get a fair trial? Better question: who cares?

Hillary Clinton uses personal email account, which is, uhhh, really dumb.

Dickhead artist admits portrait of President Clinton is tinged with Monica's dress.

Get free pancakes at IHOP, a place I've still never been.

Townhall meeting in San Francisco to confront police about another murder...which, isn't their fault.

Jahi McMath is still being kept alive, but in New Jersey...now they're suing.

Sex Offenders can live where they want to.

Bachelor contestants women "tell all."

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