Thursday, September 24, 2015

Giants Offensive Problems

It occurred to me while the NY Giants "dink and kick" offense was putting me to sleep how desperate this team is for a quality big target. As it stands, Larry Donnell and Reuben Randle are their big targets. One guy occasionally catches the ball; the other plays like he's 5'7".

I put together a list of every team's biggest offensive weapon, which implies the player has to be at least 6'1" or bigger, or at the very least proven to be a red-zone target.

Not surprisingly, the Giants probably have the worst options in the NFL, which in turn forces Eli Manning to be extremely accurate. He's also not afforded a reliable bail out option, like many other QBs. One could argue the Skins, Ravens and Bills have as few poor options, but having seen their players, I think the Giants take the cake. You're taking Jordan Reed over Larry Donnell. In the case of the Ravens and Dolphins, having recognized the need, they went out and drafted big target options.

Here's the list:

Baltimore Ravens - Breshad Perriman - 6'2", Crocker Gillmore 6'6", Marlon Brown 6'5", Kamar Aiken 6'2"

Cincinnati Bengals - AJ Green 6'4", Tyler Eifert 6'6"

Cleveland Browns - Dwayne Bowe 6'2", lost Josh Gordon 6'3"

Pittsburgh Steelers - Martavious Bryant 6'4", Heath Miller 6'5"

Buffalo Bills - Sammy Watkins - 6'2", Charles Clay 6'3"

Miami Dolphins - Devante Parker 6'3", Jordan Cameron 6'5"

New England Pats - Rob Gronkowski 6'6"

New York Jets - Brandon Marshall 6'4", Eric Decker 6'3", Jace Amaro 6'5"

Denver Broncos - Demaryius Thomas 6'3"

Kansas City Chiefs - Travis Kelce 6'5"

Oakland Raiders - Michael Crabtree 6'1", Andre Holmes 6'4", Rod Streeter 6'2"

San Diego Chargers - Keenan Allen 6'2", Antonio Gates 6'4"

Houston Texans - DeAndre Hopkins 6'2", Jaelen Strong 6'2" - rookie

Indy Colts - Andre Johnson 6'3", Donte Moncrief 6'2", Dwayne Allen 6'3"

Jax Jaguars - Allen Robinson 6'3", Julius Thomas 6'5", Mercedes Lewis 6'6"

Tennessee Titans - Justin Hunter 6'4"

Atlanta Falcons - Julio Jones 6'3"

Carolina Panthers - Kelvin Benjamin 6'5", Greg Olsen 6'5"

New Orleans Saints - Marques Colston 6'4", Brandon Coleman 6'6"

Tampa Bay Bucs - Mike Evans 6'5", Vincent Jackson 6'5", Austin Sefarian-Jenkins 6'6"

Dallas Cowboys - Dez Bryant 6'3", Jason Witten 6'5"

NY Giants - Reuben Randle 6'2", Larry Donnell 6'6"

Philly Eagles - Jordan Matthews 6'3", Brent Celek 6'4"

Washington Redskins - Jordan Reed 6'5"

Chicago Bears - Alshon Jeffery 6'4", Martellus Bennett 6'6"

Detroit Lions - Calvin Johnson 6'5"

Green Bay Packers - Jordy Nelson 6'3"

Minnesota Vikings - Kyle Rudolph 6'6", Charles Johnson 6'3"

Arizona Cards - Larry Fitzgerald 6'3", Michael Floyd 6'3"

St Louis Rams - Kenny Britt 6'3", Jared Cook 6'5"

Seattle Seahawks - Jimmy Graham 6'6"

San Fran 49ers - Vernon Davis 6'3"

Now of course, the Giants have one of, if not the best undersized WR in the NFL, but that's hardly the point. In the Red-Zone he's much easier to defend than a bigger player, and that's where the Giants really seem to struggle.

Fortunately, ODB just woke me up with that catch.

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