Thursday, August 27, 2015

What's Worse? Ray Rice or Michael Vick

Ray Rice punching his fiance in the face, or Michael Vick throwing pitbulls into a pool filled with dead dogs, feces and blood, with battery charged jumper cables attached to their ears, and laughing while they were being electrocuted and fighting for their lives to escape?

Think about that for a second. Is it really a question?

If you saw a woman being punched in the face you would probably be appalled, maybe even shocked. You'd tell people about it, and probably remember it for the rest of your life.

But if you saw a pool filled with blood and feces, and in it were dogs being electrocuted, fighting for their lives to escape, crying out in pain, do you think maybe that would leave a bigger mark?

I'm guessing it would. I'm guessing that shit would haunt you for the rest of your life!

Now I'm not one who raises the lives of dogs to that of human beings because after all, I eat animals. And while some might argue the eating of animals is in fact a method of torture, I wouldn't necessarily agree. Putting all of this aside though, to torture a living creature, be it a mouse, or fly, is both inhumane and sick. Michael Vick did this ALL THE TIME.

That's what Vick was/is: inhumane.

Ray Rice? I'm not sure what he is. My gut tells me he's a man who made at least one massive mistake, but whose fiance still married him in the end. As far as we know, he did a really bad thing once.

Vick? Again, ALL THE TIME.

I'll say this, and I'll mean it. I would never lay a hand on my wife, but if pressed with the option of having to either punch her in the face, or standby watching as countless dogs were murdered and tortured before my eyes, day after day, I'd tell me wife to put her hands up. And she'd agree.

Then she'd probably buy a guard dog.

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