Thursday, August 13, 2015

Oh, Ray Rice...

I keep hearing on sports talk radio things like, "The only teams who are going to take a chance on Ray Rice are teams who are desperate, and need a running back."

Really? Is that who's taking a chance on Rice? Desperate teams in need of a running back?

In other words, teams should only take a chance on a guy who knocked out a woman if the football team isn't doing as well as management would like it to do.

Does that sum it up?

What Ray Rice did is hard to defend, and I'm not about to do it (even if he is the greatest Rutgers player ever). I'm just not sure Rice should have to pay for this endlessly, and lose his entire career over it. Actually, I know he shouldn't. Adrian Peterson whipped his defenseless child's legs until they bled, and he's back playing. Rice's then fiance could have left this man, but instead chose to marry him.

If Rice ultimately does get signed by a team he will be forced to do some public relations work like speak to battered women, etc. I'm fine with that. I would demand it too. I'm sure he has done it before, is probably doing it still, and will gladly do it some more. It's beneficial for every living person someone of his stature is speaking out on an issue like this.

Yet whether or not he gets signed shouldn't be decided by the desperation of your football team!

It should be decided based on whether you think this man has suffered enough and paid a steep enough price. On whether we believe in second chances, and things of that nature.

Clearly, there will be people who don't think he should ever play again. What they expect him to do, you never hear about. Short of a high profile job there's no reason for him to continue his "rehab", and speak out against awful actions like the one he engaged in. But it's only through football will we get that version of Ray Rice, the one who is now helping others.

There are also those who didn't care much about what he did at the time of the incident, and wanted to see him playing immediately so they can further enjoy their Sundays. Those people are morons. Rice first needed to pay for his sins before being accepted back.

Ultimately we shouldn't be deciding Rice's fate based on football needs. It should be decided based on whether we think a man can repent for a wrong, and make good going forward.

I think Ray Rice has repented, and I would have no problem seeing him playing football again, regardless of the team. But my morality and ethical decisions won't be based on football statistics.

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