Wednesday, August 19, 2015

About Tom Brady

Anyone who has heard me on the radio or read this blog knows I believe Tom Brady is innocent of what he has been accused of. Do I think he knew the balls were under-inflated? Sure. Why not. Who gives a shit. Do I think he personally under-inflated those balls, forced or asked anyone to do it, or even cares that it's done? Not particularly. Not in a way that makes any difference.

I also think the PSI level of a ball is an absurd argument to be having, and that's the real issue here. Recall, a referee touches the football on EVERY PLAY, and NOT A SINGLE REF EVERY SAID A WORD.

I'm told by someone who knows Brady pretty well that this entire thing is affecting his life in a very negative way. From the 4 game suspension, to the lack of a normal training camp, to the release of his personal emails, as well as the hyper-intrusive coverage of his life in general. All of it is taking it's toll on him, and Roger Goodell is the reason it's happening.

Now it goes without saying, Goodell is motivated by his own incompetence, fueled by the other high-profile cases he mishandled. He just spent the last year of his life looking like a fool, and in his own mind, this is his counter. To think, he believes taking down one of the game's all time greatest players over the PSI level of footballs somehow erases his own mistakes. It does not. It will not.

It's embarrassing.

All of this said, Brady needs to view this through the lens of competition, and for the moment forget about his actual job. He needs to be the guy who wins the case, and ends Goodell's reign over the NFL. Because another loss for Goodell should just do him in. And his reign has to end. Brady is in a prime position to bring EVERYTHING to it's conclusion. For the players, for the fans, for everybody. End this guy.

Putting the nail in Goodell's proverbial coffin will be almost as satisfying as any football game Brady has ever won. He needs to see this through. Step away from football for a second. Sit the games if it comes to that. But don't let this guy beat you. Do the football loving world a favor by removing his name from anything we ever have to read, see, or hear again.

And I'm a Buckeye fan.

Get it done, Tom.

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