Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Radio Blogger Rich Lieberman: Scumbag Misogynist Calls Out Others

I think a lot of credit should be given Rich Lieberman, the Bay Area media blogger.  I say this because it's pretty uncanny that a man could have such a loyal following while being so consistently wrong about everything.  And, AND...when he's not wrong he's usually just ironic.

Like he was today, when discussing "misogyny" as it relates to a certain sports radio host.

Rich isn't a fan of posting negative responses on his site, so I figured I'd just write it out here.

In his latest tirade he goes off on Kate Scott, a Bay Area sports media personality, who not only knows sports, but is also a good person.  I've had a number of conversations with Kate (none recently), and every time we spoke I came away a bit better for it.  She's great.

Believe me when I tell you, Scott knows her sports.  And since I know my sports more than most, I feel qualified to say that.  But lets be realistic here and recognize that "knowing sports" isn't a hard thing to do.  You watch, you read, you talk to people.  Poof!  You know sports.

What is hard to do is to entertain people within the realm, which she does quite well, on multiple platforms.

Speaking of entertaining within sports, the next person Lieberman attempted to smear was John Lund.

There are few people in Bay Area radio I can actually listen to for more than 15 minutes, and Lund is certainly one of them.  In fact, I have ONE TIME in my life written a radio host to tell them I like what they do.  Lund was that individual.

Apparently Lieberman takes issue with Lund's supposed "misogyny" and "juvenile" behavior.  Are you kidding me?  Have you seen your own website?  I mean, I've spoken with Lieberman directly, and the things he has uttered to me personally about females is nothing short of deplorable.  I remember one instance having to do with Robin Winston in particular.  Lets just say on more than one occasion he mentioned "what I'd do to her."  Just embarrassing and disgusting.

Let me tell you what she'd do to you: create space through running.

This guy can't go 6 weeks without posting photos of all the women he finds attractive in Bay Area news rooms, and when he's not doing that he's busy taking pot-shots at those he finds unattractive.  Furthermore, he allows comments to be posted about women which are both anonymous and flat out disgusting.  Considering the comments are moderated by himself, he's the one allowing for these things to see the light of day.  Plus, we don't even know if he is the one making the comments.  All told, anything written anonymously on your own site, that is misogynistic, racist, ageist, or any other "ist" you want to add on ultimately falls at the feet of the person publishing those comments.

And believe me, he's also posting the anonymous ones as well.

This is the guy taking shots at others?  Please, asshole, give it a rest.

As for Lund (and Papa), sure their show is littered with dick jokes and the like, but so what?  It's humorous.  Not all the time.  I'll agree they maybe do it a bit too much for my liking, but it's entertainment.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.   They usually get out of the cycle just when I've had too much. As for Lund specifically, he is actually quite self-deprecating on such a natural level that he in no way comes off as a misogynist.

I also find it interesting that Lieberman's blog consistently takes shots at Lund, but not Greg Papa.  Of course Rich would never criticize someone he may actually know, or in some way fears.  But if you listen to the show of which Lund is co-host, Papa is at the VERY LEAST 50% responsible for any perceived lewd comments about women.  This man usually triples down on a joke!

I personally have no issue with it at all.  I do have issue with a gutless, jealous, "media blogger" attempting to slander and smear people every chance he gets.

But just you wait, folks.  Because my wonderful knowledge of Rich Lieberman and bread butterer Michael Savage will be coming to you oh-so-soon.  Just you wait...

"It's a doozy!"

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