Saturday, March 26, 2016

Trump is a Trump Supporter

Can you imagine what George W. Bush must be thinking as he clears away brush on his non-working farm?  Had he not listened to the experts, the politicians, family members, friends, consultants, business folk and everyone else, about the need to have to actually know shit when running for President he could have cleared so much more brush!

Assuming he even follows elections, or spends time listening to Trump speak, he must be shaking his head in disgust.  All that time spent learning things, and to what end?  Trump proves you don't have to know anything, literally.  Not a thing about what the country is facing, or how to fix a problem.  All you need to do is ramble on incessantly about whatever topic happens to come to mind.

Oh, you haven't heard the interview with the Washington Post Editorial Board where Trump says absolutely nothing of substance, nor answers a single question specifically for over an hour?

You're probably thinking it's a waste of time, but believe me, it's not.  At some point your mind just starts wondering off, but then it gets ripped back and you say out loud, "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?  IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING?"

Yes, it's really happening.  I can't imagine what was going through the minds of the people conducting the interview.  I wish I could see their faces.

So before you go listening to it let me just explain one simple thing:

There are many ignorant and stupid Trump supporters.  If they ever heard this interview they would come away thinking, "Trump is right!"  They will think, "The media doesn't treat him fairly...he is a great builder!"

Because these people are so stupid and/or willfully ignorant they don't even consider the questions being asked.  To them it doesn't matter that he can't answer a question because they can't either, and he represents them.  They won't realize the questions being asked are paramount to understanding whether this man has the intelligence or capability to lead because they don't understand the necessity for those things.  They just see a man being treated unfairly, even though he's not.

Many Trump supporters are just not smart enough to recognize a news organization is supposed to ask serious questions, and that they should expect serious answers.

And frankly, I don't think Trump realizes it either.  We give him way too much credit.  The general belief is because he has succeeded at making buildings and has a lot of money that he's therefore intellectual, or smart; that he's "playing" the crowd.

It's a fallacy.  The guy is Al Czervik.

And that's what is missing from the national dialogue. Trump speaks on the level of his voters because behind the money and opportunity given to him, he is that voter.  He doesn't answer difficult questions because like them, he can't answer difficult questions.  He is petty and redundant, but so are they.

Trump isn't using his voters.  It's not an act.


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