Friday, July 22, 2016

Trump and His Asshole Face

I watched that shit show of an acceptance speech last night, and some post-game analysis on CNN.

Few things of note.

Trump is just a weird person with an asshole face.

There came a point in his life where that strange face he makes (eyes squinted with the wry smile) became his thing.  It worked for him.  Must have come about when he felt he did, or said, something right.  Which probably wasn't right, but was at least perceived by him as right.  It's like he's saying, "I told you so..."  People love that line, and that type of face...

I wonder how many times he made that face when telling people about one of his businesses that ultimately failed.  I'm guessing every day.

It's basically the face of an asshole.  And I guess if you support him; if he's your asshole, then you don't mind that face.  But I'm guessing to undecided voters that's just the face of an asshole, and it won't win over many people.  Generally speaking, people don't like assholes.  I happen to be an exception.

How come no one calls Trump on his "Make America Great AGAIN" bullshit?

Is America not "great?"  I mean, can you imagine someone went on FOX News or Conservative talk radio and said "America's not great!"?

What the fuck would Sean Hannity say to someone if they questioned America's greatness?  Aren't all the people who support the Republicans the ones who are always espousing America's greatness?  Now all of a sudden it's not great anymore?  What happened?  What did I miss?

Furthermore, if we're going to make it "great again", when exactly was it great?  What did it look like then?  When did it stop being great?  Were the presidents who were in office then Republicans or Democrats?  Were they Whig?  Was it great when the fucking WHIG PARTY WAS IN OFFICE?

When was it great, and more importantly, who was it great for?

Were unions stronger when it was great?  Was the tax code more fair?  WHEN THE FUCK WAS IT GREAT?  Can SOMEONE ask him that?  Was it great for a day?  A week, a month, a short period of time?

Was it great when Reagan was in office and Trump was a Democrat, non-Christian, pro-choice guy with an Asshole face?

Lets be clear here: the people in America who think this place may not be so great are quite often the poorest Americans; the most vulnerable.  Or maybe Americans who feel it's a racist country, always being judged by the color of their skin.

In other words, there are a lot of people who have a right to question America's greatness, but believe me, it's NOT the people who were in Cleveland to support Trump.


Ahh, but that's the point of Trump support.

There is a largely white, angry, dumb segment of America who is scared about what the future looks like.  A place where a white guy doesn't get a job over a black guy because of skin color.  Where women are as likely to get ahead, and where they make their own choices about their bodies.  One where poor children get access to health care and after school programs.  Where people of all shapes, sizes and beliefs are treated equally under the law.  

To these people America was "Great" when only they were represented, and when others were treated like garbage.

That's the America Trump is promising them.

They don't need solutions, they don't need answers, they don't need honesty, consistency, or anything close to those things.

They just need a guy willing to represent their own delusions, and no one is more delusional than Trump himself.

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