Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Hard to See the Light...But...'s some.

I'm not sugar-coating what happened last night, but step back from it. This country was swayed by a specific segment of the population: an aging, dated, white-male, who doesn't like "change." Forget the rest of the votes, one way, or the other, the election was changed by those people, at least among those who chose to vote.

Put the Supreme Court aside, which I'll admit, is a terrible situation (Hard to do - RBG better plan on dying up there). But again, step outside of all this for a moment and take another view - the long view.

The Republican establishment had little chance of winning this year. Their candidates lost to Trump, who mobilized people through fear, hate, and lies. That wears off as the lies come undone, and the haters begin to become marginalized. The GOP had no candidate who was carrying Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Florida. Probably not North Carolina either. They had individuals from those states who would have won them individually, but not as a whole.

As I said earlier, Hillary Clinton was only losing to Trump this year of the GOP. Between Biden, Sanders, and Clinton, Trump could only beat her.

Here's the point. Liberals are always pushing progress, while conservatives are trying to fight against it. This year, an outsider-populist won. Yet he is a person with no core beliefs; certainly not someone who is dyed-in-the-wool. On the other hand, the progressives have a message, beliefs, in climate change being real, in equal rights for everyone, the need for universal health care, equal and fair pay, and so many other things. There's a core, and despite low turnout where they needed it, still won the popular vote. As for demographics, they're winning that battle too. It's becoming harder and harder for true GOP candidates to carry an election, and this may be the last time they win an election for a long awhile.

Trump is a poor excuse for a human being, and he did win the election, but he's merely a blip on the screen of progress; a dying blip at that. He tapped into a fear that's probably going to grow because he's not going to solve their problems, and moderate voters will not anchor themselves to them again.

The next 4 years will be who-knows-what, but recognize, while it may seem tragic today, we are moving in the right direction. That will not be stopped.

Obama showed what this nation wants to believe in. So did Bernie Sanders. Obama's electoral map is the future map. The changes we're seeing are the changes that will ultimately win out. The millennial voting map (SurveyMonkey Poll) also helps to show you the future.

These are the last days of the current GOP, and they know it. Ironically, they were saved for 4 years by a guy they didn't want. Go figure.

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