Sunday, November 13, 2016

Something You Might Be Missing About Trump Supporters

I've seen a number of stories in the news the past few days about Trump going back on "campaign promises." There's the Newt Gingrich 'wall' comment, the potential to not un-do Obamacare, and how LGBTQ folk can use whatever bathroom they like, etc.

Make no mistake. There are LEGIONS of Trump voters, probably the majority, who want him to go back on these things, so throwing them in their face means nothing. And to those who will be bothered, you probably don't know them, and they probably are too dumb to care.

For the majority though, the Hillary Clinton hate was so strong they overlooked what Trump said/did. By Trump going back on these things it will only allow many voters to say, "I told you he wasn't that bad."

So don't start thinking there's some level of hypocrisy you can expose, for there is not.

The only real argument that exists, one which Trump voters won't care about, is how the damage is already done. If they cared about that they would have never elected him. Trump's close-minded rhetoric already set America back by giving license to all the deplorable people who now feel emboldened to do and say terrible things. There's no turning that back, and we're seeing it nationwide. It will take some time before those people go back in their holes.

The unfortunate reality here is it's easier to destroy than build, and Trump has caused some destruction of progress with his words alone. That's the worst part about him, and his future presidency. He didn't care what he did to get elected, as long as he won. That he won't carry out the things he said he would is not a surprise at all because most of it was unrealistic. But he got all of these stupid morons to come out and vote for him, which tipped the scales.

Now the other more "moderate" Trump voters? Like you, they hope he doesn't try do the things he said he would.

Make no mistake though, if you voted for him, then you're no less of a liar.

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