Monday, November 3, 2014

How I'm Voting

My thoughts:

Prop 1: YES - Water Bond - While it is a corporate giveaway, I've come to realize in America, all things are. More important to me that people who don't have access to clean drinking water, get access to it.

Prop 2: NO - Gov Brown Rainy Day Fund - I don't think so. It's currently raining, and we need money on things happening now.

Prop 45 - YES - Initiative to regulate insurance rates - Forces insurance companies to justify hikes. Medical and Insurance account for 20+% of the US Economy. That's disgusting. And these companies are too rich.

Prop 46 - YES - Higher Med Malpractice Penalties/Drug Testing Doctors - Haven't adjusted penalties for inflation in 40 years. And while I think it's wrong to drug test doctors, I am voting for this because I want the drafters to recognize they have support on part of this issue. Do away with the drug testing part, but change the rates issue.

Prop 47 - YES - Smaller Sentencing for Non-violent Criminals - This is such an obvious issue. It's time to rollback years and years of racist policies enacted throughout the 80s. Plus, it cuts costs to taxpayers, and helps take away money from the prison INDUSTRY.

Prop 48 - NO - Referendum on Indian Gaming - While most labor groups support this, I am vehemently against it. Yes, these things create jobs. BUT Casinos are terrible for society across the board, and do nothing to help municipalities become better places to live. All they do is move money from one area to another, and leave a wake of the dead behind.

Show me a classy town that has gambling as it's primary source of income.

Mayor: Jean Quan.

I've seen all the pretty ads, and the new faces, etc. etc. I like Libby Schaff, Joe Tuman, and others. But when I think about it logically, Oakland continues to become a place people want to be. All around me things are getting better. None of these candidates is going to change the direction for the better, imo, so I may as well stay with the horse that got this town where it is now.

She ain't perfect, but she isn't causing any real problems.


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