Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Quick Thoughts on Politics

I will admit to not paying much attention to national politics anymore. The game is just silly at this point. As long as there is a free flow of money in campaigns we will never have an honest system. That our political system is a business just typifies all that is wrong with the country in general.

Not EVERYTHING needs to be a business.

But beyond that I will say this: Democrats didn't get slaughtered because of President Obama's policies, or anything President Obama did. They got slaughtered because they refused to stand behind the things that he has done, and in some cases even going so far as to not being able to admit voting for the man.

In the state of Kentucky, the Affordable Care Act is helping so many people get insurance, and therefore live more productive lives. In light of this, Candidate Grimes chose to act as if Obama is the problem, rather than embrace it. Someone like this deserves to lose when they cannot acknowledge the benefits of a program she herself supports. If you cannot standby your record, then you're not worthy of any office.

While it may be true President Obama doesn't do enough to help candidates, these candidates have not wanted it. The economy has done well, but not for regular folks. And yet people voted for Republicans. That an amazing mistake. Because Democrats couldn't capitalize in numbers. The health care bill will go down as revolutionary. Check the numbers. He didn't start the wars; the Republicans did. And yet the candidates bailed on him; not the other way around.

It's not an indictment of President Obama, or his policies. It's an indictment of candidates who, like their counterparts, chose to stand for nothing.

Meanwhile, I'm glad I live in a progressive place, run by Democrats, and is the most successful region in the world. It's not an accident.

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