Wednesday, November 19, 2014

More Sports Stuff 11/19/14

The world is boring me otherwise.

I mean, is it official yet, or what? Colin Kaepernick, kinda not good/douchey?

Roger, that.

What was so obvious to me is now becoming obvious to all. Yet I understand why you thought he'd be great, or merely good. Physically he can do things few other people can do, and that's exciting. Plus, San Francisco 49ers/Santa Clara 1%ers fans wanted to believe in him, so you did. We've all been there.

But all the things he can do today are the same things he could do in college. Yet still not a first round draft choice for a reason.

Can he get you to the playoffs? No. He can be on a team that goes to the playoffs, and along the way he can make some plays that help out. But he's not GETTING YOU to the playoffs.

Jury is still out, but I'm feeling pretty good about this one.

I also have a soft spot for Alex Smith, who won me over when he told me he owns a Carcetti for Mayor T-shirt.


Btw, I'm no better. I predicted 6 wins for the Raiders even though I knew how bad of a signing Matt Schaub would be. Like you, I believed. But if 6 wins is believing, well, call me a dreamer.

Man they are awful.

Up until about 9 days ago I believed Derek Carr was going to be the answer. I'm not as sure now, but I also don't believe Marcus Marriota is either (he won't suck). I do believe Rapeis Winston is the best player in the draft, and could definitely help the Raiders rape some fools, but you can't take him with first pick.

I also think I'd rather roll the Carr dice for another season, AT LEAST, and see what comes of it.

I also want to see Latavious Murray as the starting RB for the Raiders. Not sure of the bowl game, but he shredded Georgia like a sheet a couple of years ago. I was pretty shocked by that performance. AJ Green played that day so it wasn't like yesterday. But it happened.

Time for the Raiders to see what they have.

Oh, and please don't let what they have next season be Tony Sparano. Nice guy, and all, but c'mon. I know he has a condition regarding why he wears sunglasses indoors, and I feel for him, but still...he's wearing sunglasses indoors.

That's definitely a thing.


When Carson Palmer gets hurt I don't get upset. It's wrong to say that, but I just did.

You may not believe this but he just threw another pick for the my mind.


Sooo, Alabama is #1 because they handled Mississippi State with ease.

Mississippi State is #4 because they really played Alabama tough.

This is an argument/line of reasoning.

Now, I don't write the logic portion for the SAT, but I'm also not a complete effing moron.


I always thought Quarterbacks mattered in football. Guess not.

Based on college level ability, here we go:

1) Alabama - SEC - average quarterback

2) Oregon - PAC 12 - great quarterback

3) Florida St - ACC - great quarterback

4) Mississippi St - SEC - average quarterback (don't let them fool ya, ohh no...)

5) TCU - BIG 12 - very good quarterback

6) Ohio St - BIG 10 - very good quarterback

7) Baylor - BIG 12 - very good quarterback

8) Ole Miss - SEC - average/good quarterback

9) UCLA - PAC 12 - very good quarterback

10) Georgia - SEC - bad quarterback

11) Michigan St - BIG 10 - very good quarterback

Notice a trend here of which conference has some pretty average to shitty quarterback play?

Get ready for the "quarterback isn't that important anymore" conversation.


I will say this as a Buckeye fan, and not a blind one: there is no great team in college football this year, and probably not last year either. That said, if this is really about putting the best teams in the Top 4, and Ohio State was ranked 1st or 2nd when the season began, there's no reason they're not in that Top 4 now. Their current QB is better than Braxton Miller.

That said, it will all work out, and at least 3 of the best 4 teams will be in the mix, which is more than you can hope for.

I like the system, but the Rose Bowl should be removed from it. Orange, Fiesta, Sugar rotation, and the Rose goes back. There's a chance Ohio State doesn't make it, and neither a Pac 10 or Big 10 team is in the Rose Bowl. That's disgusting.


Has Lebron James turned Kevin Love into Ryan Anderson? We'll soon see.

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