Friday, January 9, 2015

Chris Christie's Bullshit Stance on Everything

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a huge douche. And this whole "I've always been a Cowboys fan...I'm not going to be a fake" doesn't make him more real. It makes him more of a douche, and less real. Here's why:

When you're the governor of a state, any state, you shelve certain things you believe in, or might love. The types of things that are solely about morale. For example, you wouldn't say, "I know he's from Jersey, but I don't like Frank Sinatra." Why? Because you are supposed to represent your state; your people. That's the job. Raising peoples hopes, morale, faith, and feelings about their own state.

When the NY Giants won the Superbowl Governor Christie had no problem pretending to be a fan of the team. If he had wanted to be 'real' THEN was the time he should have said, "Well, I'm happy for the people of New Jersey, but the truth is...I'm a Cowboys fan." THAT WAS THE TIME TO DO IT. He would have been booed, but it would have been real. THEN. Not now.

Fast forward, when the Giants and Jets aren't great, and you are using this moment to promote yourself on a national stage, it's completely disingenuous. In no way does it say "I'm real." No. What it says is "I'm an opportunist who is pretending to be real."

And quite honestly, that's who he has always been. He has played the tough guy who insults female teachers, he has played the Springsteen fan, he has played the Obama fan, the Bush fan, he has played it all. None of it because he's in any way "real." All of it because he's in every way a phony.

Yes, we get you're a Cowboys fan. Good for you. It's just sports. But there's no reason in the world you should try to bother the people living in your own home state because it's all too obvious you've ceased caring about their opinion.

The truth of truths? Most people became Cowboys fans when they were younger because they were winning. No other reason. And right now Chris Christie has a better chance of winning a political race in Texas than he does in New Jersey. So once again, he's publicly choosing what he perceives as the winning horse today. Not when the Cowboys were losing, and the Giants were winning.

It's not honesty. It's the opposite. It's self preservation, expediency, obvious, and quite frankly, expected.

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