Friday, January 2, 2015

State of College Football

Look, I'm a huge Ohio State fan as well as a fan of the B1G (Big Ten). Last night's game was great, and before it happened I knew we were going to win. I told my boy T-Rhein to bet it, and he did. Congrats.

That said, the SEC and the south in general, is still the home of college football. It just so happens they're having a down year, and may have had a down two years. Now is the SEC, and in particular, the SEC West so much more dominant than everyone else as has been shouted for years? Not at all.

One of the issues ignored by all the "geniuses in the media", is how many times these bowl games are actually home games for the SEC and ACC. Their game is speed, and after a month's rest and on a fast track close to their campuses, they have a major advantage. It's why Bowl games are so often not an indication of things, especially when teams lose by a point, but it is referred to as "another loss."

It's why I advocate for a 8 team playoff, first game at home. Is it noticed that Michigan St beat Baylor in DALLAS? That Wisconsin was in Florida versus Auburn? That Ohio State played 'Bama in the Sugar Bowl, about 90 miles from the 'Bama border, or that they lost to LSU a few years ago in New Orleans?

This doesn't get mentioned. Only that the B1G Ten teams lost, when they do.

For the most part, the SEC will dominate they NFL Draft. They will continue to do so because the talent lives in the south. Ohio State has stars from Ohio, but they have some superstars from the South. There are some Ohio players elsewhere ('Bama and Oregon), but truth is, it's really JUST Ohio. The B!G Ten region is losing population and players. The bulk of stars will continue to come from the South, and southern football will continue to be a bit better than the rest. PAC-12 is closing the gap, without question, but the blind dedication to football in the South trumps that of the West Coast mentality.

I'm a realist about all of this. I expect Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State and a couple others to be major players in the future of college football, but the SEC is going nowhere.

It would just be nice if a lot of those moronic fans could recognize the reality of the situation. Winning football games does not change the result of the Civil War.

* * *

The Ducks have 21 players from Oregon and 49 from California.

In other words, Nike owns a college team...and it's weird.

No college team has out-of-state numbers anywhere close to that. In fact, I'd bet no team in the Top 25 other than Oregon (and Notre Dame - less than 10) doesn't have at least half their players from their home state.

Wisconsin has about 5 Million people in their state, and Oregon 4 Million. Yet Wisconsin probably has 50 kids from in-state. Yet they aren't owned by a corporation. In essence, Oregon is basically a private school from an athletics standpoint.

* * *

The California dominance of the Oregon roster is what gives their fanbase a special douchey quality. The fans FROM Oregon, who live in OREGON, are generally very nice, humble, welcoming folks. The fans from Southern California, as admitted by many Oregon fans, are tremendously douchey.

Never have a I experienced bigger dicks than at the Rose Bowl in 2009.

There are dicks across very fanbase, especially online. But when you attend a game with Buckeyes fans they are generally nice. Maybe that's the case at Oregon, but again, never in my life have I experienced bigger dicks than attending a game versus Oregon.

Miami was close. But that's expected. It's their identity. Now it's Oregon's.

* * *

The media got one thing right: Florida State wasn't a Top 4 team, BUT...they couldn't keep them out. They wanted to, but they couldn't.

I thought the rankings should have been 1) Oregon 2) Alabama 3) Florida State 4) Ohio State, and OSU should have met Oregon in the Rose Bowl. Woulda been nice. And as bad as FSU played I think they could have beaten Alabama.

The two best teams remain.

* * *

Early prediction? Ohio State wins. Yeah, I'm a homer, but as I see it I think Ohio State is better at nearly every position (as the draft will prove) except Quarterback. And Marcus Mariota could be the reason Oregon wins this game. I just don't think his ability to affect the game is that much greater than Cardale Jones's. Factor in the other parts, I think Ohio State wins the game.

If Oregon thinks beating Florida State badly is the reason they'll beat Ohio State, they are mistaken. Ohio State was a few plays away from doing the same thing to Alabama, and the Buckeyes were on the road. Essentially, Oregon was playing a home game.

The game comes down to the Ohio State defensive line vs the Oregon offensive line. Ohio State has 4-5 NFL players on that line, and 2 first rounders. The winner of the trench will decide the game...or if Mariota plays out of his head, which is possible. He is college.

* * *

Oregon vs Florida St was just weird. FSU quit. Jameis Winston quit. They aren't used to losing, and didn't handle it well. Plus, they really are a shell of what they were last year. They lost leadership, Devonta Freeman, Kelvin Benjamin, and had a lot of average-playing players in their place.

Don't let that game give you a false sense of reality. Michigan St was outplaying them in Eugene for a LONG time.

* * *

Coach Meyer for the win.

* * *

Alabama DC Kirby Smart is not as impressive as people suggest. Check the NFL rosters to understand his success.

* * *

Was told last night Alabama OC Lane Kiffin being groomed to take over for Nick Saban. That will be such a great day.

* * *

Jim Harbaugh is starting to recognize what he's dealing with...

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