Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Comcast Blows

UPDATED: 1/29/15

Not even sure where to begin.

In late December we cancelled/transferred service from one location to another.

My old account # is this: 8155XXXXXXXXXXXX

My new account # is this: 8155XXXXXXXXXXXX

We cancelled the old account when we moved from 5XX XXXXXXXXX Ave, 2101 - 94610 to our new location 3XX XXXXXXX Ave -94610

I called Comcast today because my service at the new location, 3 XXXXXXX has been terrible since arriving. Our internet connection has died on us every single day, and I work from home. I finally had to call.

When I called, the Technician, "Mark", told me it was because I was using an old modem. I told him I bought a new docsis 3.0 modem, and in fact installed it, as Comcast asked me to do OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER... Sending me letters, calling me every single day, until I did it. So I did it. Team player.

Mark tells me they're not aware that I did this, and that I'm still using the older modem. But then he informs me that my account is at the old address, which was currently still operating. It was never cancelled.

I told him that's problematic, but that does not explain why my current service disconnects every single day...that I'll get to that problem, but want to focus on the service while I have him. He told me it was because I had two accounts. Really?

How in the world does this make any sense? What does one thing have to do with the other?

Also, when I moved the old modem to the new location, the problem still happened every day. This is a problem that did not happen at the old address, regardless of the modem I was using.

Sooo...Mark registered my new modem, but he did so to the OLD ACCOUNT.

Then when he told me I had to cancel the old account, he transferred me to a different department. After talking to a new woman, she told me I'm "past due" on my account. Of course, I did not know this because when I signed into Comcast.com, it showed my Bill was due on Feb. 2, 2015, which is in a few days. She tells me "that's your other account. Your current account was due on Jan 25th..."

This is an account I have not been able to access online, even though it's the only account I should have access to. She also tells me that I have late fees now because of it.


Then she transfers me back to a new technician, who knows NOTHING of what I went through with Mark because he intelligently registered all of the previous information I had given him (about the new modem, codes, etc) to the OLD account, and the previous woman just CANCELLED that account.

Which means I have to start the entire process over again. We're almost an hour in.

This new technician makes me go over all that I discussed with Mark, like she was reading it from a sheet. "I see here you have two accounts...oh, wait...hold on please..."

Upon returning she says she's going to send a signal to my new modem at my new account.

I said, "You mean, my account, period."

"Uhhmm, okay, uhhh, yes, your account."

She then sends a signal to my modem, and tells me it should all be working fine now.

Maybe it is? Maybe it isn't? We'll soon find out. But it does not explain why for the past month since getting Comcast at my new address that my service has been so absolutely terrible.

And of course, Comcast not only wants me to pay my bill in full, they also want me to pay for the late fee on my current account. They kindly waives the bill from my old account, as if to suggest they just did me a favor.

I've heard Comcast stories, but now I can say I have my own.

UPDATED: 1/29/15

My service is still not working. I called Comcast yesterday, and after another 30+ minutes, I was told "we will send someone out to you...I will call you back within an hour and a half...but sir, it will cost you $70..."

I went through the roof after hearing this.

No one ever called.

Service still doesn't work.

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